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Under Bust Brocade Corset NS-1209


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100% Authentic-Steel-Boned|Waist Training Corsets|Organic USA|Largest Supplier!


NaughtySmile Waist Training Corsets: Click here to see the difference!







We welcome you to Organic Corset Co. USA – an industry leader in providing the finest quality authentic waist training corsets! We offer a wide range of corsets of different designs, sizes and shapes suitable for every woman out there who desires a lovely fashion garment that brings out their equally lovely body curves! We also offer Authentic Steel Boned Corsets made by a world-famous brand: theNaughtySmileUSA.


Our products, our difference…

What we offer are products that are of excellent quality and highly unique from other common corset merchants. Our steel boned corsets are composed of 3-5 layers of fabric, 14-24 and more spiral stainless steel bones, 6-8 inches modesty panel, top-quality accessories and 100% organic cotton lining! And most of all, our main difference among others is that we provide organic steel boned corsets!

What we stand for…

Our commitment with our customers and passion in preserving the environment is the primary foundation of our company; that’s why we have developed a unique corset product that utilizes organic clothing! Unknown amongst many, there are various benefits when using organic waist training corsets – both for the person using it and the environment as well.

Organic Waist Training Corset discovery…

Discover our organic steel boned corset products and experience its difference with other regular corsets! We offer world famous best waist training corsets with 100% organic cotton lining that help you to reduce your waist size up to 6 inches. Our customers can look forward to look good and feel good with our gorgeous products that are also environmental-friendly…



We kindly request you to try our 100% Authentic Steel Boned Corsets and well known Waist Training Corsets. Keep checking our site for new products and promos! And don’t miss our upcoming 2014 Collection: A New Year of Organic Corset Discovery – coming soon on January 2014!


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