ProFitness 4 Inch Wide Weight Lifting Belt (Medium, Black/Red)
ProFitness 4 Inch Wide Weight Lifting Belt (Medium, Black/Red)
ProFitness 4 Inch Wide Weight Lifting Belt (Medium, Black/Red)
ProFitness 4 Inch Wide Weight Lifting Belt (Medium, Black/Red)
ProFitness 4 Inch Wide Weight Lifting Belt (Medium, Black/Red)
ProFitness 4 Inch Wide Weight Lifting Belt (Medium, Black/Red)
ProFitness 4 Inch Wide Weight Lifting Belt (Medium, Black/Red)

ProFitness 4 Inch Wide Weight Lifting Belt (Medium, Black/Red)

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Brand: ProFitness

Color: Black/Red


  • TURBOCHARGE YOUR TRAINING WITH THE ULTIMATE WORKOUT BELT that will help you support your spine and prevent back injuries! The ProFitness ultimate weightlifting belt is here to offer you that much-needed support and comfort during heavy lifting, so you can protect your spine and equally distribute pressure!
  • UNLIKE ALL THOSE CHEAPLY-MADE FITNESS BELTS that smell horribly or have flimsy straps, the ProFitness gym belt for men and women is equipped with a robust adjustable strap that will always keep it in place (even during squats!)! Plus, the elite 100% nylon material is not only comfortable, but also breathable too!
  • STABILIZE & REDUCE STRESS ON YOUR SPINE DURING LIFTING with our adjustable cross training belt, which is designed to help you create better body biomechanics and reduce spinal flexion. As a result, you will be able to lift more with your legs than your spine, increase your maximum power and maintain power throughout a set!
  • BOOST YOUR PERFORMANCE & PROTECT YOUR BODY FROM INJURIES thanks to the snug and protective design of our back support belt! Ideal for cross training athletes, weightlifters, bodybuilders, cross training enthusiasts and regular gym goers, the ProFitness cross training lifting belt will become your go-to gym accessory!
  • ENJOY A LIFETIME OF BACK SUPPORT & MAXIMUM POWER with our fitness belt for men and women, which is backed by our EXCLUSIVE LIFETIME WARRANTY! Rest assured that if anything happens to your comfy and supportive gym weight lifting belt, we will send you a replacement on the spot! No questions asked!

Publisher: ProFitness


Here's How You Can Take Your Training To The Next Level & Protect Your Body From Injuries!

Looking for a sturdy, ergonomic and comfortable weight lifting belt? Need a durable, supportive and adjustable cross training gym belt? Want to protect your back and stabilize your spine during your deadlifts or squats?

Now you don't have to settle for all those cheaply-made fitness belts anymore!

Introducing The Ultimate Weight Lifting Belt By ProFitness!

Finally, you can turbocharge your performance and increase your maximum power with our professional bodybuilder's lifting belt, which is designed to endure any abuse and allow you to maintain your power throughout sets, stabilize your spine and prevent lower back injuries and pain!

And unlike all those flimsy gym lifting belts, the ProFitness fitness belt is going to pass the test of time due to its premium materials and professional design!

Unleash Your Inner Beast While Protecting Your Back!

We all know that lifting heavy weights can take a toll on your upper and lower back, which in turn will lead to painful injuries and chronic pain. However, you can protect your spine and reduce pressure on your back with the ProFitness elite workout belt, which will help:

Equally Redistribute Pressure On Your Back

Lift More With Your Legs Than Your Spine

Prevent Spinal Extension & Later Flexion

Increase Your Maximum Power

Maintain Power Throughout Your Workout

A Must-Have Gym Belt For Every Serious Athlete!

Created with the modern athlete in mind, our weightlifting belt is ideal for athletes,Cross Training enthusiasts, bodybuilders, weightlifters, regular gym goers, people with back problems and everyone who wants to optimize their performance and protect their back from injury and pain!

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UPC: 669439599679

EAN: 669439599679

Package Dimensions: 11.2 x 5.7 x 1.6 inches

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